What Kind Of Story Are You Telling?

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Have you ever thought about recording the conversations you have with your friends and/or writing down all of the thoughts you think about during the day?

I have and I do…think about it.

The reason for this is simple. I want to hear/read the story I am telling everyone else and see if it is the same story I tell myself. I want to know if I am selling a bill of goods to myself and everyone else about what my goals for the future are and the steps that I am taking to make them come true.

My gut feeling is that I am not and have not been anything but forthright about these things.

The conversation that Mark and I had in the comments here about football and weightlifting is what got me thinking about things. It made me think about what was important and what still is.

I remember when it was of paramount importance to spend those hours in the gym and hit those marks I set for myself. I looked at the old guys and rolled my eyes at their stories about not having the same time or energy for lifting. I didn’t believe they didn’t have time to work out, I thought they were lazy.

Well, I am not lazy but I am one of the “old guys” now and what was important is less so. Ask me why I don’t look exactly the way I would like to and I will tell you it is because I like to eat and have done a lousy job of adjusting my diet.

I am responsible.

Responsibility, eBooks and Goals

A while back I decided that I wanted to write two ebooks, but I haven’t produced either. It is not because I am incapable of it. I produce more content than most and I do it at a faster pace than many.

So I ask myself why is it that I haven’t done it. What have I done or not done to get it done. On a related side note the fabulous Craig McBreen has just released his first ebook The Art of Breaking Out: My NOW Manifesto. You should go check it out. While you are at it go visit Jens and check out his ebooks.

The responsibility for the lack of production lies solely on my shoulders. It is not because I can’t do it, it is because I haven’t done it. I think the reason why is because I haven’t focused my attention there.

That is not the kind of story I want to tell or share with you. Who wants to list where they have fallen short. Who wants to say they are their own worst enemy and provide examples of what hasn’t worked.

Well I guess that I do. It is not to gain accolades for honesty or praise for being willing to take some lumps in public but because blogging is where I hold myself accountable.

This place is where I air out my thoughts and figure out what I think, what I feel and what I need.

What is The Point of an eBook?

While I am thinking out loud I need to share the obvious question. What is the point of my writing an eBook. What benefits come from doing writing it? Off the top of my head I think it can help establish authority and credibility on whatever topic you are writing about.

It is a marketing tool you can use to try and obtain speaking gigs, work opportunities and it is cool to say that you wrote a book. The coolness factor of writing a book is somewhat offset by the number of readers of said book, but that is a different topic.

If I believe everything I just wrote (and I do) then I have to accept that I need to adjust what I am doing or stop telling the story I have sold myself.

Echoes Of The Future

You can accuse me of falling in love with that phrase if you want, but I hear the echoes of the future calling and I am ready to answer them. This post is one of the gifts of blogging. The opportunity to clarify our thoughts and gain a deeper understanding of what we need and what we want is awesome.

I don’t know about you, but I have an overwhelming feeling that 2012 marks the beginning of something truly special. I keep talking about the journey because I am on one and I am grateful that you are here with me too. It is not lip service, it is the truth.

So here is my story. I am Jack, the dad blogger who is reaching for the brass ring. I take responsibility for my failures and my successes. Truth is I have far more success on the tally sheet than failures and I am getting ready to add a couple more hashmarks.

That is the story I am telling and I am sticking to it.

How about you?

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