A Momentary Silence

Things moved from silence to conversation back to silence.

I was disappointed but not surprised at this turn of events.

Some things have bumps in the road and moments where what seemed like a straight line turn out to have curves.

That is not a good or bad thing, it is just part of life and the trick is to just let it roll and unfold as it will.

If instinct and intuition are on the mark all will be fine and if they aren’t, well all will still be fine.

There was a moment where that look seemed to offer an invitation to revisit the taste and feel of lips upon lips, but I refused to go there.

Not because I didn’t want to but because I wasn’t going to be told I had created an issue. Blurry lines didn’t need any help nor additional blurring.

Especially given the decision to see if instinct and intuition were correct or misguided. Better to wait for an official invitation than to cause unnecessary chaos.

Change will or will not come and we’ll see what sort of revolution it does or does not cause.

Mulling and Musing

I have been mulling over whether to produce brand new content or to string together some posts and pieces that would make a great story.

There are no coincidences and writing letters to the universe only works occasionally but sometimes you have to take a swing and tell the person you love they are an idiot for not recognizing the obvious.

Do things happen for a reason or is it all coincidence?

Maybe we ought to look back at heroes or maybe it is better to focus on the Rhythm of Life.

Sometimes we hear music and we run towards it never knowing what comes with or next.

Spit or swallow, it all unfolds and we learn or we don’t.

Keeping It Going

I don’t think I watched Friday Night Lights until after I moved back from Texas but I do know that every time the music came on I remembered.

Every time I saw certain pictures and images I remembered.

That was enough to make it clear I had to go back and I did it.

All that needs to happen now is to wait and see what happens.

Maybe this and maybe that, but something will happen because nothing isn’t an option.

Birth Of Days

Some of you know Jack Steiner is not my real name and that January 1 is not my real birthday.

When I started blogging in 2003 or was it ’04 I wanted the ability to write freely without concern about some things.

Not because what I had to share was so controversial or crazy but because I just wanted to write and not be questioned by family/friends.

I wanted to just let go and be free.

For the most part I have done that but like many things in life there have been moments that changed me.

I am not the same 35-year-old guy who followed a wild impulse and started blogging.

While much is different there are things that have changed and it is fair to say that what you read here is generally my real belief or feeling, provided you aren’t reading fiction.

There is a lot of that here, far more than my other blogs.

Birth Of Days

When I first joined Facebook I thought it would be helpful for old Jack Steiner to have a Facebook page.

Since he was me, but not me I gave him an arbitrary birthday of January 1, never thinking that I would get a bunch of birthday greetings.

I am grateful and appreciative for them.

They are a reminder to me about the good and kind people in this world, not that this is limited to those who share the aforementioned greetings.

That is certainly not a requirement for goodness or kindness.


I don’t update this blog or the Jack Steiner Facebook page with the same regularity I used to.

That is not news to those of you who have stuck it out here.

Most of the updates go to the other places and I don’t know if I see that changing.

Nor do I know if that means I am going to shut this down or wrap it into the other blogs.

It is too important and has too much meaning to me, but I do know I am thinking hard about what I ought to do.

Am considering whether to continue to keep this standing as it is or make changes.

There won’t be any rash decisions made on New Years day, but not because of the date but because I need to think hard about what I want and what I need to do.

This place is similar to the others but it has a different feel and audience and probably a bigger footprint.

That is because it has been around a lot longer and when I had more time it received an awful lot of attention.

Maybe it will again, we shall see.

In the interim, Happy New Year to you All and may this be our finest year ever.


A Chanukah Sampling

Thought I’d share a sample of posts I have written around Chanukah. Hope to get around to writing something more substantial here soon.

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