The Summer Of Blogging

Top of Mt. Hood, OregonOne of my 1,983,221 little sisters left a voicemail on my cellphone in which she complained about the stories I am telling my nephews about her.

“Jack, you need to stop telling Jackson these ridiculous stories. He actually believes some of them are true.”

I immediately called her back and told her that she was a very lucky girl and not just because she is my little sister.

“Little sister, I am going to take this voicemail and use it for blog fodder. You’ll be famous.”

Since my little sister holds no one in higher regard than me she called me back and told me that she would be honored to be on the blog. Full disclosure: little sister has quite the vocabulary and used many colorful words to describe her feelings about being featured on the blog and reminded me to stop telling those $@^$#^$ stories.

Sigh, being a big brother is a lot like being an artist whose work isn’t appreciated for being as wonderful as he knows it is.  I didn’t want little sister to feel badly about that, so I called her one more  time.

“Little sister if you were here I would let you bask in my glory and reap the rewards of being in my presence. But since you aren’t I promise to tell your children more tales about what you were like as a child and some of the fine things you did during you sorority days. Just remember, I am a genius whose work should be appreciated.”

And that is how I proved to my nephew that I could make his 41 year-old mother call grandma to complain about her big brother. Damn, sometimes I am a true artist.

The Summer of Blogging

Technically this post you are reading is supposed to be a list of things I want to do before I kick the bucket. It is supposed to be a collection of cool ideas that will make you ooh and ah.

It would have been but it is almost 1 am and I need to get up way too soon. But I did promise many people including Jayme that I would do this and I shall. Soon I shall be added to ranks of:

You’ll have to wait for that post to find out if I want to run with bulls, wrestle alligators and gorillas, climb Mount Everest or take control of the NBA so I can kick the celtics out of the league.

Information You Might Need To Know

I was tempted to make this subhead about information you don’t need to know about and then I decided that should be the headline for a post. So coming soon we shall have all sorts of fun writing about that, but for now let me share information you might need to know.

The Stories I Don’t Share

The stories I don’t share with you are some of the best you would or could ever read. Sometimes I feel badly about that but there are boundaries in blogging and those should be respected.

And that reminds me to remind you to question what you read because sometimes it really isn’t true. More than a few posts here have been published with a label that says “fiction” and I still receive comments asking for more details.

Confession: If it says fiction and you ask for details I will make up more so that I can answer your query. Life is short and one cannot be serious all the time. And with that your insouciant host is off to dream about hot women who love him because he is a professional athlete who is also a rock star who has published 20 best selling books, cured cancer and is the long lost King of England.

Try not to take the Summer of Blogging too seriously. Life is too short.

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  • ginidietrich

    You really have nearly two million sisters?!?

    • Jack

      Well that might be an exaggeration, but I bet they have two million pairs of shoes.

    • TheJackB

      ginidietrich Ok, maybe I don’t have a million sisters but I am not exaggerating at all when I say they have a million pairs of shoes. ;)

  • Julie

    I had my heart in my throat a post forward when I heard about the phone call and then the whole thing was just fiction.  Or was it.  Oh well.If you refuse or are handcuffed from writing about the really big thing when it happens then I hope you will at least shoot me a line.  Every time I come here lately my aged heart goes thump waiting on news.  Stop giving me anxiety :)

    • TheJackB

      Julie | A Clear Sign Life is just filled with all sorts of fun stuff now isn’t it. Maybe I will write about it and maybe I won’t. ;)

  • Jens

    Great lesson Jack. I always turn the summer (of camping) into an experiment. I don’t tell people about it…

    • TheJackB

      Jens I love the experiments. This is a good time to do it.

  • bdorman264

    What? You are not serious?Summer should be fun………and it is…………… 

    • TheJackB

      bdorman264 Summer is a lot of fun.

  • Lori

    Nice timing with this comforting advice Jack, since I’m about to unplug from the Blogosphere for 10 days soon! Then I won’t have to worry (I can “quit” worrying ;-) as you and Melody and Steve and Melanie will be taking over while I’m gone! Summer is a good time to take it easy, we may as well relax on the worrying too, right CrossBetsy ?Hey – do you like the new Livefyre Jack? I had it and then had to give it back for a while. Maybe I’ll get it back again when I’m back from my staycation!Lori

    • TheJackB

      Lori Summer should be for fun. It is a good time to unplug, disconnect and stop wondering/worrying about the blog.This is my first post with LF 3 and thus far I think it is pretty good. 

  • CrossBetsy

    Funny. I was having fun and am back to being serious right when traffic slows; however, that happened last summer and I didn’t notice ’cause I guess I didn’t know enough to care. ?? Bucket lists? They help me to understand a person better and to see where their head is at. I figured that people started making them when diagnosed with imminent death (aren’t we all?) and came to grips with what touches their soul deeply enough to add to the to-do list. Every day has its bucket list…or at least it should.Smile, love, laugh, learn. serve….(with / for / at /about) the person God just placed in your path…before you get hit by that bus!

    • TheJackB

      CrossBetsy Every day should have its bucket list. There are moments where I get really frustrated because I feel like I haven’t gotten anything done. I am very conscious of the clicking of the clock.Smile, love, laugh, learn. serve..- that is a good motto.

      • Lori

        TheJackB Every day a bucket list – what a cool idea! A bucket list sounds like so much more fun than a ToDo list!

  • Soulati

    Sigh. Such a teaser. #ThatIsAll

    • TheJackB

      Soulati | B2B Social Media Marketing No way, I would never tease a single person. ;)

      • Soulati

        TheJackB You would; I’m single, never married.

        • Jack

          No way. Never. ;)

  • Hajra

    Summer of blogging, eh? ;)You are a true artist; I came here looking for your top 10 or 20… but then, you managed to keep it just as interesting! P.S. Do you want to run with the bulls or is it fiction… sigh, we have to wait!

    • TheJackB

      Hajra  I always wonder what it takes to become an artist. Can we label ourselves as such or does it require a declaration from another. The answer is that I do want to run with the bulls, but that is not all I want…