What Is Your Blog About?

I just received an email from a reader who wants to know what my blog is about. Or should I saw that they complained that my blog is about too many topics. I thanked them for their concern and promised to address it.

Since your email was so thoughtful I decided that I would apply the same attention to my response.

So dear reader, here are the top 49 posts I have written, or at least one of my stat counters says that these have received the most visitors. I don’t know if they have received the most comments, but they seem to have received the most visitors.

Now I can’t tell you if there is any real meaning in any of this. I haven’t gone through this list with a fine tooth comb so I can’t provide you with as many important and powerful stats as you might like.

But what I can say is that these 49 incredibly powerful, insightful, moving and educational posts talk about writing, blogging, parenting, education, dad blogging, schools, the universe, mean moms, life/death, sex but no drugs or rock and roll, Tim Tebow,  Pinterest, Social Media, Moms, CNN, UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Pan Am, Why Cleveland sucks, movies, electronics, television, books, the Kindle, the Spindle, records, CDs, DVDs, Laser Discs, Floppy Disks, Brake Jobs, Boob Jobs and corn dogs.

Plus if you read every post and leave a thoughtful and intelligent comment on each one you might win a prize from Ronco, Fedco and Gemco not to mention KTEL and the Blue Chip Stamp people.

And because I love you best before I provide you with the links here is footage from a cruise you should consider taking

  1. The Cure For Insomnia
  2. The Best Cover Letter….Ever
  3. One Slightly Used Pump For Sale  )
  4. Why Steve Jobs Isn’t Important Now
  5. Some Things I’ll Teach My Children (Updated)
  6. Why Your Post Sucks and Everyone Hates Your Blog
  7. A Letter To The Universe
  8. Mean Girls Come From Mean Moms
  9. Do Things Happen For A Reason?
  10. Dealing With Divorce
  11. 666 Devilish Ways To Become A Social Media Superstar
  12. What Happens To Your Facebook Account When You Die
  13. Your Blog Bores Me
  14. 1 Foolproof Way To Become a Better Writer
  15. Bloggers Are Narcissists
  16. An Open Letter To Triberr Members
  17. Teach Your Children To Be Responsible With Money
  18. He Didn’t Die
  19. The Most Important Things In Life
  20. I Should Have Slept With Her…. Again
  21. Jesus Hates Tim Tebow & 17 Other Reasons Why Your Blog is a Failure
  22. Never Bet Against A Sicilian When Death Is On The Line
  23. The Pinterest Predicament & The Rule Of Four  )
  24. My Children Confront Death Again
  25. A Whiter Shade Of Pale
  26. He Died A Hero
  27. How Frequently Should You Update Your Blog
  28. And Justice For All
  29. The Most Valuable Possession
  30. It Wasn’t Worth Getting Arrested
  31. Spit Or Swallow
  32. 100 Best Movie Lines in 200 Seconds
  33. The Perfect Blog Post
  34. Please Don’t Steal My Content
  35. When Mean Girls Grow Up
  36. The Phone Sex Surprise
  37. How To Write The Perfect Blog Post
  38. Build Connections & Community
  39. Do You Still Beat Your Wife
  40. The Story Of A House- The Final Days
  41. How To Deal With Mean Girls & Mean Moms
  42. Writers Write Right
  43. The Naked Truth
  44. The Children Of September 11
  45. WordPress Comments Vs Livefyre
  46. The Best Bloggers Are Storytellers Part 2
  47. What Is A Dad Blogger? Or How One Man Made Millions From Blogging
  48. The Rules Of Blogging
  49. Your Blogging Privileges Have Been Revoked

Much love and affection,


P.S. Try not to take yourself so seriously, I don’t.   😉

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