87 Triberr Tricks You Never Tried Twice

After all these years, I see that I was mistaken about Eve in the beginning; it is better to live outside the Garden with her than inside it without her. – Adam’s Diary (Mark Twain)

There are only two ways to commit murder: with intent to wreak havoc and terrorize or meekly as if by accident.

I prefer the former over the latter. If you are going to snuff out a candle than do so in a fashion which makes clear you have no second thoughts. It is the honorable thing to do.

Honor is the reason I whacked 876 words- two posts for some of you, but only one for me.

Headlines Should Deliver On Their Promise

I have a love/hate relationship with headlines. I read posts like This is why I am not reading or tweeting your blog post and nod my head because the answer to the question below this ‘graph is yes:

“Do you want to increase the readership of your blog by 400% in just one easy step?”

Yes I do. I want to build something bigger, better and bolder than what I have here.  One of the ways to do that is to craft headlines that compel people to click and read.

Yet the great contradiction of my career is the desire to do whatever the hell I want and to rail against the instant gratification society by going against the grain.

It is part of why I sometimes twist the “list post” by using ridiculous numbers like 982 Ways To Monetize Your Blog or 69 Reasons Why Fathers Make Better Lovers.

The truth is they work. They bring the readers and some of them actually hang out long enough to read the entire post. I attribute that to solid content and to intermixing headlines that deliver on their promise.

Do What You Say You Are Going To Do

Twenty-Five Links That Will Make You A Better Writer/Blogger isn’t linkbait. There are 25 links you can use to become a better writer/blogger.

Most of what you will find in there comes from almost 9 years of blogging and a couple of decades worth of work as a professional writer. Take it for what it is worth. It works for me and it might work for you, or it might not.

I don’t think I am wrong but what do I know, Bloggers are Insecure.

There Are No Triberr Tricks

Unless I am mistaken I have been a part of Triberr for almost two years now. I started out in Anubis have had the chance to watch Triberr grow exponentially, at least I think it is exponential. Could be wrong about that too, I am a writer not a mathematician.

Anyhoo, I have probably written about seven or eight posts about Triberr and not just because it is one of the few ways I get Dino to visit the blog now.

It is because Triberr has been one of the most effective tools I have used to grow my blog. It has increased my exposure and reach and it is part of why many of us are friends, but it would be a mistake to say all it took was signing up.

What made the difference was time spent engaging in multiple places with people. It is responding to comments here, leaving comments on your blogs, tweeting with people and using other social media platforms too.

That is not to say I haven’t conducted tests and experiments because I have.

I have tried large tribers that had little targeting and smaller tribes that were very targeted.

You Don’t Need a Niche

You don’t need a niche to be successful or maybe that is just me. If you are among the regulars you know I blog about blogging, parenting, writing, sports and social media. I write fiction and share it here too.

This blog is a success. It generates revenue and has led to multiple business opportunities.

But I want to build something bigger.

What Do You Want Out Of Blogging/Social Media?

Saturday night I sat down with my son and had a long talk about life. He wanted to know who I wanted to be when I was his age. I told him that way back in the spring of ’81 I wanted to play baseball for the Dodgers and basketball for the Lakers.

We spent a few moments talking about why it didn’t happen and what has happened since. I told him that he doesn’t need to make a decision now as to who he wants to be but that in life it helps when you can make plans for some things.

That is probably better applied to people like us who aren’t 12. It leads to the question I pose here frequently: What do you want from blogging/social media? If you are trying to monetize your blog it is the kind of question you need to answer.

When you know what you want you can create a road map for achieving it.


It is time to wrap this post up but not before I say I have created a mental list of things I am thankful for. Me, the guy who used to make fun of people who said they have an attitude of gratitude is grateful.

People power social media. Triberr introduced me to many more people. If I were a mathematician I might create a fancy looking formula but instead I’ll leave you with this:

P+SM= 87 Triberr Tricks You Never Tried Twice

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