We Are Lucky

Bob Dylan is singing Knocking on Heaven’s Door and I am reading about Noah Pozner. He was six years-old, Jewish and had a twin sister. He is gone now.

Murdered for reasons we can’t understand.

My 8 year-old still hasn’t heard about what happened at Sandy Hook and I am grateful, but my almost 12 year-old knows. He doesn’t know many details but he knows enough.

Enough doesn’t describe the emails I have received and the anger/sadness in my Facebook feed. I just shake my head thinking about it.

Noah’s story isn’t any worse because he is Jewish or a twin but it resonates with me for obvious reasons. My youngest sisters are twins so I am very familiar with what that sort of relationship looks like and the massacre took place during the middle of Chanukah.

My heart really aches for all of the people but I take solace in the stories of all those who helped. Yeah, it is like that Mr. Rogers story that is going around but it works. It is reminder that the overwhelming majority of people are good.

I don’t think that banning guns will work but I don’t need to see people with automatics or assault rifles. Would like to see technology used so that guns can’t be fired without some sort of fingerprint ID system.
It is not a perfect solution, but maybe it will stop some of these things from happening. More than anything else I want to see us take a hard look at mental illness and try to find more ways to help people.

There are no good answers.

Last night was the final night of Chanukah. After the kids went to bed I spent a while staring at the lights and thinking.

Things have been hard, but we are lucky and I am grateful.


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