Of Earthquakes and Music

Julie wrote a post about music and intuition that caught my eye because well, music has always spoken to me and I am intrigued by the whole “universe speaks to me thing.”

It is an interesting place to be because I have spent most of my life saying that my horoscope is accurate when I like it and bogus when I don’t.

I don’t read it often but every now and then it is kind of fun to see what it says and to read the description about what a Taurus man is supposed to be like to see if it fits me, or at least how I view myself.

After I read Julie’s post I made a point to try to blank out my mind to see if any song popped into my head and I got four responses, or maybe these are just the first four I thought of.

It is up to you to decide whether I had a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man moment or if these were handed to me. If you are interested you can Google the lyrics and see what you find.

I intentionally included the links to the two last videos because they are a package.

  1. Stuck In the Middle With You- Stealer’s Wheel
  2. Take The Long Way Home- Supertramp
  3. Your Wildest Dreams-The Moody Blues
  4. I Know You’re Out There Somewhere-The Moody Blues

In the midst of writing The Wedding Song by Bob Dylan popped into my head so I figured I’d include it here.

Nineteen Years Ago The Earth Shook

Every January 17th I think about the Northridge Earthquake and most of the time I make a point to write something about it. It was the first earthquake that ever scared me and the first that made me acknowledge the raw power of Mother Nature.

I used to park my car in that structure. I knew it well.

By the time the quake hit I had graduated and wasn’t impacted by the damage to my university but I was impacted in many other ways.

I won’t ever forget walking into my grandparent’s apartment building in Sherman Oaks. I won’t forget how the building looked like someone had taken a hammer to it and how I told my grandmother to get out, even though she didn’t want to leave.

It was their home and I understood why they were reluctant to go but I was worried about the building and didn’t want to find out if it would remain standing on its own.It did but city engineers determined it was unsafe and it was later razed to the ground and rebuilt.

Sometimes I think about how my grandfather told me if he was still in his sixties it would have been an adventure but that in his eighties it wasn’t the sort he wanted.

The Roof Is On Fire

I always thought the song was stupid but I have this image of the dance floor at the fraternity house. It is packed full of people and the sweat is pouring off of all of us but no one cares.

We are caught up in the moment and shouting out the words as we sway and move. Songs shift and I am lost in the moment, entranced by the way a couple of the girls can move and then things shift again and we are listening to Fleetwood Mac sing  Gold Dust Woman.

I am dancing with a girl whose name I can’t remember.  For a moment there is this electrical charge running between us but neither one of us do anything to break that chain.

The song ends and she joins a bunch of other girls and walks out the door. I watch as she wanders off and go to get a beer and talk with the guys.

The Moments Matter 

I just flipped on iTunes and the first song that came on is Lean on Me by Bill Withers. It feels symbolic to me. It feels right.

Some years back I was on top of the world and then things happened and I found out again that sometimes life can humble you. Been wandering through my own desert but I think I am right on the verge of reaching that oasis.

Didn’t get there because I am stubborn, determined and unwilling to quit but because people gave me a hand. They didn’t give me a hand out but a hand up–there is a difference.

The song is a reminder to me to make sure I do the same. Doesn’t matter whether you believe in the universe sending messages, karma or anything else. The reason to help is because it is the right thing to do.

Full stop, end of story.

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