What Do You Do About a Bad Hair Day?

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I am blessed with black hair that some would describe as a “Jewfro.” It is thick, coarse and kinky.

Go back 30 years and look at my yearbook picture and you’ll see “Jewfro” was a good description. I was 14 and determined to grow long hair like so many of the other guys but instead it grew up and out.

I took a lot of abuse for that photo which is only part of the reason why I cut it short, most of it was because it was just impossible to deal with. Bad hair days happened every day, although truth be told I was oblivious to it then.

A Cut Above

A year later I discovered the joy of the Flat Top and that is how I wore my hair until I was in my late twenties.

I loved it. It was easy to take care of and that is what I wanted. Hell, it is what I still want.

Unfortunately time and age have taken some of my hair from me so I can’t cut it like that anymore because it just doesn’t look right.

I complained to my barber about it and he laughed but maybe that is my fault for using a bald barber.

Almost 30 Years

He wasn’t bald when I first started seeing him. Twenty-nine years ago he had a full head of hair and so did I, but things change and we  have the option to roll with it or fight.

Since I am not interested in Rogaine, hair transplants or silly string I have had no choice but to adapt. Truthfully it has been a bit harder than I would have expected.

I attribute some of that to the past four years–they were a real bitch and I can guarantee that the stress is responsible for providing more real estate on top of my melon. But there is still far more hair than head so it is not a lost cause by any means.

A New Barber

I could use a euphemism for receding hairline, but why. The truth is that my hair has receded somewhat and it is the front that it has gotten thinner. What I have learned is that the best way to manage is to keep it short because when it gets long is when it looks bad.

And that is the situation I found myself in today.

Long hair that was blown every which way by the wind leaving my head in bad shape- how vain is that.

During the last 29 years I can count on one hand the number of times I have used someone other than my barber to cut my hair. If I knew for certain I was going to be in LA this weekend I would have scheduled an appointment but since I have no clue when I am going to go back I made the decision to try someone else.

The Replacement

So during my lunch hour I ran down the street to a local shop that takes walk-ins and figured that I would take a chance. I was more than pleasantly surprised by the job the woman who cut my hair did- this is the best cut I have had in years.

It is short, tight and looks better than it has in I don’t know how long.

I almost want to call my barber and ask him why he couldn’t do this. After 29 years we are very candid with each other so I really could do that, but there is no point. He is a good guy so I won’t hurt his feelings and tell him that he has been replaced.

Although I have to concede that it wasn’t just the cut that got my attention. It was the massage.

I hadn’t realized how tight my neck, back and shoulders were until she worked on them, but once she started I realized that things are really tight there. I think come payday it might be time to treat myself because I have one hell of a knot in my back.

And that my friends is the tale that was going to be told as “Hair today, gone tomorrow.”

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