Dopes and people who crave respect

The world is populated by many different kinds of people. There are intelligent people with no common sense and people who have common sense who have limited intelligence. And among these groups are the dopes and the poor schmucks who will do anything to gain respect.

I wonder sometimes what they are missing when their entire day appears to be composed of trumpeting their self proclaimed importance to the world. Did someone replace their brain/self esteem with a Big Mac. If they would stop trying so hard and just be normal they might find that life was easier and that the people around them were more interested in hanging out with them.

The addition

Something went bonkers here last night and I am not sure why. Computers are a funny thing. My son has a toy ‘puter as he calls it. He climbs into my bed and crawls beneath the sheets, that is where his office is. Have to say that he is dedicated, he’ll climb into the office at 5:30 on a Saturday. Good for him, but not so good for me. I told him that at 3.5 he may not want to sleep, but at 15 he certainly will.

He asked why and I told him that I want him to remember why I am going to vacuum his room on the weekends. Payback is a funny thing. 😉

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