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It is almost November and yesterday was the first day that I realized that Summer has ended. Ok, I realized it when school started again and traffic in the morning suddenly grew heavier. But then I forgot.

I have been enjoying short sleeves and shorts on the weekend. It has been just beautiful, with amazing blue skies and a very comfortable temperature and then the rain hit yesterday. And just like that, Summer officially ended.

And as has happened for many years now Don Henley started playing “Boys of Summer” inside my head. I am sure that as I drove through rainy streets you would have seen a wistful look on my face, an expression of someone lost in thought. It happens on a regular basis.

Stress hits and I escape into the memories and fantasy of the past and future. It is not to say that I do not like reality, I hit it head on. Some would tell you that I could use a lesson in knocking on the door gently as opposed to knocking it down. What can I tell you, I am a Taurus and the bull is not known for grace.

It comes down to my choice of trying to distract myself because I find it easier to solve problems that way. Situation ABC arises and I find myself mentally retracing steps I took through Jerusalem in 1985, ’95 and ’98.

ABC is replaced by NBC and I switch to inner-tubing down the Banyas. CBS shows up and I am escaping a forest fire in 1985. It is myself and about 6 or 7 other teens in the back of a truck. We are passing out drinks and as I look out the back window I see flames racing down the hills and wonder if I’ll return to ash or structure.

Fox, TNT, TBS, ESPN and MSNBC poke their heads in and I am driving across Kansas, scuba diving in Hawaii, sailing the Georgian Bay, roaming Vegas and lost in London.

In the background I hear Adam Sandler singing “The Lonesome Kicker” and I know that it is time to bring myself back to reality. It is time to focus on the task at hand.

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