Some Words About The Story

This is a story that is just percolating in my head. I really do not know where it is going or what I intend to do with it. Just as you are being introduced to the characters, so am I.

I don’t know what they are like, can’t yet say whether they will be likeable or what. I am composing at the computer and just letting the words sprinkle on the page. The keyboard is my guide.

But in some senses you could say that my son is the inspiration. I love watching him play. He drives his cars and trains around the house, a constant play-by-play vocalized by him. It is just amazing to see his imagination exercise itself.

So I am doing the same, except instead of driving Thomas the Tank Engine I have been following Tom, Buck and the others around their lives. We’ll have to wait and see if I can make anything of it. This could be one big bust or maybe not.

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  1. B2 February 18, 2005 at 6:51 pm

    Kids sure are an inspiration, aren’t they? I have some stuff that I’ve written for my girls… never thought about sharing it on my blog… you may have given me a good idea to do so.

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