When Hatred Prevents Clarity of Thought

During the last couple of weeks or so I have read a number of articles like this one and this one that suggest that the war in Iraq has had a positve impact upon the world, specifically the Middle East.

And I have had numerous discussions with people of all political persuasions about whether this is truth or fiction and have been quite disappointed with the responses I have received.

Some people are so rabid in their dislike of Bush that they swear that there cannot be one positive aspect, that anything he has touched must be reviled and rotten. It is just so sad to hear them fight to prove how bad things are.

It is not a matter of my trying to view the world through rose colored glasses, there are a lot of problems and we should continue to work on improving them. But you would think that they would be overjoyed at the thought of Bush proving them wrong.

It is important to have principles and to stand by them, but you have to know when to set aside your feelings so that you can focus on fixing the problems and not upon personal issues.

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