My Daughter

Every day when I come home from work I am greeted with a big smile, a hug and the words “Da Da.”

I change from my work clothes into something more comfortable and go sit down on the couch. Within a moment of my sitting down my baby girl walks over and crawls into my lap.

Tonight I sent her mother out with the girls and the children and I had an evening together. We read some stories and did what daddys and kids do. The kitchen is a mess and the house is a wreck but it was fun.

That sweet little girl has a cough and a cold. Tonight she fell asleep lying across my chest, her head on my shoulder. Listening to a tiny snore I couldn’t stop smiling. As she lay there sleeping there was a commercial in which a father gave his daughter away at a wedding.

It must have caught my attention because my son asked me why I looked so sad. She is only 17 months so there are years and years to go before she gets married but for a moment I was sad. For a moment it was hard to think that at some point in time my little girl would have another man in her life. I am not ready.

But like I said I have a good long time before I have to worry about that happening.

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