It is A Process Part II- The Daughter

In a different life I was involved with a company that manufactured tools for for cutting concrete. We made and sold an assortment of saws, drills, diamond blades and all sorts of other odds and ends.

It was good experience and I learned a lot from it some of it from my time on jobsites, some of it from interacting with customers/colleagues and some from tradeshows such as the fabulous World Of Concrete. In fact at the World of Concrete I came into contact with a few companies whose names just killed me such as Putzmeister and Schwing.

Part of what I took from this is a better understanding of how engines work and an increased knowledge of construction. In fact it could be argued that I learned enough to become dangerous or maybe not. However I can talk to you about wall saws, how to make diamond blades, core drills and various aspects of cutting concrete.

In case you are wondering when I first started this post I knew exactly how this was going to transition into the next part, but I lost my train of thought and instead of trying to tie it in I am going to just dive into the next part.

Fast forward to the present. Within the blog I have spent quite a bit of time writing about my son but not quite as much about my daughter, at least not in separate posts. Part of that is just due to her age. As the younger sibling she arrived after I had started this blog and consequently did not have the same opportunity to hold my attention. However, that has changed.

My baby girl is about to turn two and she has made it very clear that she intends to run this house. Let me run down a few of the things that she has done recently.

  1. She has taken crayons and written on the walls, the floor, her clothes and the dining room table.
  2. She took her mother’s lipstick and used it on the bed, the floor, the walls, the phone and her face.
  3. She is fearless and will climb on tables, chairs, bookcases, changing tables and ladders.
  4. The other day she followed me up a stepstool and hung from my belt while I tried to change a lightbulb. Seconds earlier she had been asleep and like a baby ninja she crept out and surprised me.
  5. She conned her brother into giving her an egg and then threw it on the floor just to see what would happen.

There is a whole list of things that she has done that I haven’t shared. My parents laugh at these stories because they say it is like the second coming of me so I suppose that she comes by this honestly.

Now if you are wondering how the daughter ties into the construction here is the connection. In her efforts to decorate the house baby ninja has ruined the carpet in the master bedroom and managed to stain the wall. I think that I am going to install a camera as I wonder if she isn’t working on behalf of the contractor. I can just see him slipping her cookies and instructions on how to sabotage the areas of the home that have not yet been touched by the hammer.

The hardest part is that baby ninja is so damn cute. She has mastered the art of batting her eyelashes and smiling at daddy. Thankfully daddy grew up in a house in which he had 17 sisters and is virtually immune to this kind of manipulation.

When this one grows up I am in trouble. Oy. It is a good thing that she is so cute, but I do feel sorry for the boys that come looking for her. Growing up with sisters gave me years of practice in dealing with boys. When that day comes I’ll be ready for them.

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  1. Shoshana June 19, 2006 at 6:26 pm

    Wow – she has learned well for being so young. Most of us don’t learn the eye-lash batting trick until we’re at least 3.

  2. Chana June 19, 2006 at 3:50 pm

    Isn’t there a company that makes commercial bakery equipment called treifsomething?

  3. Chana June 19, 2006 at 3:47 pm

    When my daughter was about 2 I was in the basement checking laundry and I heard her footsteps thump-thump-thumping down the hall. I walked into the dining room to discover she’d found some eggs (I’d set them out for brownies) and tried to bounce them like balls off the floor. The hardwood floor, with egg white oozing into the cracks…

    When they didn’t bounce, she knew she was in trouble and took off. LOL.

    In my case, though I am glad I had my daughter first. You may not share that sentiment!!

  4. Z June 19, 2006 at 1:03 pm

    Good thing your parents said it first because I was going to say the same thing. I am not so sure it’s the boys who are going to worry you. It very well may be what’s behind that door down the hall talking on her Princess telephone! LOL

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