Link To Jack Day- Answers To Some Questions

In the afterglow of Link To Jack Day some of you have submitted a few questions. In no particular here are the answers.

  1. Why was Link to Jack Day two days long? For the answer see The Back of The Hill.
  2. I missed Link To Jack Day. Am I too late to participate? No, you can join the festivities now. Just follow the directions and I’ll take care of the rest.
  3. I want to support the sponsor. How can I do that? The official sponsor of Link To Jack Day is Muqata Waffles.
  4. The theme song is performed by The Shmata Queen, It is called “Loud, Louder, Loudest.”

If you have any more let me know and we’ll get you the answers. We aim to please.

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  1. Jack's Shack says:

    Yes Sholom you do. In addition to my gratitude and Thanks you are eligible for a special prize.

  2. Do we get anything in return for linking to Jack?

    אל תהיו כעבדים המשמשים

    Funny V-word: vaftugik

  3. Jack's Shack says:


    Sounds good.

  4. Jack,

    You wish that you had me sing your song.

  5. Thanks for the FAQs- Would have joined the party, unfortunately underground. Will pencil (or Blogger equivalent) in for next year.

  6. Jack's Shack says:


    The order is on its way.


    And how.

  7. You are shameless! LOL

  8. ~ Sarah ~ says:

    maybe you can get waffle mix (or ingredients) in bulk for jameel to make it easier when the masses converge on his place for waffles. that would definitely help support him as a sponsor.

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