Haveil Havalim #106- Terrible Twos Edition

I am pleased to present the 106th edition of Haveil Havalim. It is filled with all sorts of cool news and information you might need to know about. For example even if you missed the original Link To Jack Day you can still participate by promoting this edition of Haveil Havalim on your blog.

The last several editions have had various themes to them, quite clever if you ask me. They set a high standard for the rest of us to follow. Unfortunately I just can’t come up with anything exceptionally clever. So I am going to the default theme called the Terrible Twos.

If you can bear with me a moment longer I’ll provide more details. The Terrible Two edition was inspired by watching my daughter organize her toys. Things are kind of here and there, but don’t argue with me because I will scream “I do it myself” at you. And with that we are off.

BTW, as the host I can share all sorts of stuff. If you missed the tales of Jack and Jameel’s great adventures you can check them out by reading one of the following:

Indiana Jameel Versus The Alligator
Jameel Meet Dr. Jones
Breakfast With Jack (Muqata House of Waffles)

Traveling With Jameel Part II

Breakfast With Jameel

Enough self-indulgence back to the show:

Daled Amos says Getting My Daughter Ready For School Is An Adventure. Speaking of children
Watch out for the Kosher Police or you might need to eat some New Vegetables.
Apparently more people are becoming interested in Kosher food. To learn more read
Chosen Food for Unchosen People.

Baleboosteh presents A Helping Hand…. Im Haaretz presented Too Hairy to Teach?

And now for some Harry Potter Talk

Elie presents The Wizards and The Jews. Mommy’s Going Meshugganah has her own opinions about Deathly Hallows.

Meryl covers death and dishonesty in Once again, the lies and the Temple Mount. Yid with Lid shares The Real Reason For the Anger over the Temple Mount Dig.

When she is not doing her Two month countdown. Batya is blogging in Hebrew. Need to rent a Cello just ask Treppenwitz. Why does Jameel Live in Israel. Let’s talk about going to Har Habayit. And now for a Billy Joel Reference: Anti-Semitism in Islam: Israel Didn’t Start the Fire. Elder of Ziyon has a Scorecard for the Peaceful Unity Government.

The Town Crier suggests you check out The Audio Corner. He also shared Right Wing Exploitation Leads To Growth of Ku Klux Klan? Over at Kesher Talk there is a post called Another Jewish Radical Goes Completely Insane.

Carl always has good material including Islamic school in London admits to using textbook that calls Jews “apes” and Christians “pigs” and Former Gush Katif resident and terror victim awarded $48 million in US lawsuit.

Sigmund, Carl and Alfred have a good piece called Shovels Of It In Jerusalem And A Reality Check. You might be interested to learn that a Gift Enables birthright israel to Double Annual Number of Trips.

Seraphic Secret provided The Middle East Conflict Analyzed… Seriously. Ocean Guy has a post called On Being a Jew and a Democrat. This begs the question Are You a Liberal Anti-semite?

Solomonia has a disturbing post called Teaching Korean Kids about America…and Who Really Runs It. DovBear provided Shear Support.

Before we get too far afield let me remind you that you can provide Sh’lach Manot For The Troops. DaBoys got a message about Proposals.

Olah Chadasha presents Once Again, Palestinian Definition of Truce Revealed To the World In A Bloody Tangle of Limbs & Dead Bodies and Ramon Convicted. Gail shared Mail Asaf a Stone, The Sequel.
The Numbers Don’t Lie is the title of a post at Fundamentally Freund. Allison has a post called Extreme Temple Mount Makeover. Smooth blogged about Iranian Chutzpah.

Carl in Jerusalem presents A history of false charges.

I once saw a show called When Animals Attack. Maybe they should make one about former presidents. Carter Attacks: Accuses Simon Wiesenthal Center of ‘Falsehood and Slander’.
Bagel Blogger said It seems one Muslim refuses to be Jimmified.

You can follow the flame war here.

Snoopy says in Israel there are More gaseous conspiracies . He also shared the Poetic license of the “blood libel” Rafi G presents the morning after. Daniel Pipes had an interesting lecture at UC Irvine.

JoeSettler presents Chochma, Bina v’Da’at and Toeing the Line. Boker Tov Boulder says Arab leaders inciting for Intifada in Jerusalem.

My Right Word presents Intramural Pal. Activities. Zionist Youngster wrote about an Image Problem. Here is an interesting post called MiniPax. Also at Israel Matzav is Former Gush Katif resident and terror victim awarded $48 million in US lawsuit.

Dry Bones shared Olmert’s Dream. Lisa has Stockholm Syndrome.

Looking for new music try Meet Chassidic Jewish Music’s Hot Guitar Man. Jewish Blogmeister presents Jewish Music Review Wrap Up and Jewish Music Gossip: New Release….. Ozzie offers a song for a lost love. Leah in Chicago isn’t wading in anymore.

RaggedyMom discussed Bedtime. Psychotoddler discussed Kol Isha. I told The Babka Nosher to read this but I am not sure Her Memory Works anymore. 😉

Amishav is responsible for the term Frum Spanking. Just what kind of Tu B’Shvat Seder did he attend. Here is something you don’t expect in a headline: MUSHARRAF TO THE RESCUE:

Sometimes you need a solid definition of certain terms. Try reading The Shmata Queen & The Beach. I have always said that life in Ohio is like living in Hell. Chana proves it with her post Weather Forecast for Hell.

Presence Talked about Birthdays. Baleboosteh’s family celebrated one too. Yo Yenta talked about Life In Savannah. Perhaps you might discuss them at the Jewish Literature for Children Conference. Babka Nosher’s daughter had a music recital.

Torah, depression, sensitivity and blog rolls is the title of a post you need to read.
You could read about Rav Kook’s Thanksgiving Prayer.
avrohom adler presents Daf Yomi – Taanis 25 – Switching from Ashkenaz to Sfard and Taanis 29a: Simcha and Sasson.

On The Fringe reviewed Entering Jewish Prayer (Hammer).
Chana compared Satan and Elijah. It Is Almost Supernatural presents ‘People of Goodwill’ Supported the Resolution. When Frum With Questions blogged about Gay Rams he wasn’t discussing football. He doesn’t have any questions about whether there should be Jews in Politics.

Books and Beliefs covered Tzedek Hechsher Slammed by Orthodox. NY’s Funniest Rabbi produced On Yitro: Did You Hear Anything? TherapyDoc offered Exercise Jones and Irina shared The Legacy.
What a Day is Mottel’s reflections on an experience he had.

Jews For Hillary presents Unwavering Against Palestinian Terror Indoctrination on TV, Clinton Hightlights Anti-Israel, Anti-Western Bias in New Palestinian Childrens? Textbooks

Heichal HaNegina wrote The Modzitzer Rebbe Shlita’s Visit to America. Cosmic X offered God With An “o.” Cross Currents wrote about Knowing Our Limits.

Shoshana asks Should All Jews be Orthodox? From A Simple Jew “Pure And Simple Emunah Is Not A Jewish Concept”.

The Maggid Of Bergenfield shared Yitro: Jblogging at Mount Sinai.

Yid With Lid offers Conservative Jewry’s Gay Survey Shows The Movement is in Trouble (Updated to Include Full result charts).

You might enjoy JPix No 2 :The 2nd Edition of the Jewish Photo Carnival.
Critical Mastiff presents The Failure of the Diplomatic Mentality .

Some times it is nice to get the author’s lowdown about their Cast of Cast Characters. Seawitch covered the story of the Space Cadet er, Astronaut.

Yehuda Berlinger presents Customer Service Wows and Woes. Jewschool blogged about the attack on Elie Wiesel with I’m sure Wiesel will take it all back now.
Ezzie has a link to Aussie Dave’s Toga Terror. Speaking of Aussies they don’t like their citizens to smile in passport photos.

There is a new member of the Jblogosphere. You can see her here. Pearl has questions about fashion. Ezer Knegdo has a gift idea for the person who has everything. Shlomo has a little bit of everything including a post called Speaking of Spinoza (Psychology).

Amy Guth is still making mix tapes. The Rabbi Would Rather Be Fly Fishing. Tamara had to say Goodbye to Reebok. Tikkun Ger said Honey I Love You – Let’s Fight. This post might make you Feel Like a Slug.

I sure hope that the ocean is not disappearing. Maybe it is in Vegas with the missing H. 😉

Or perhaps you might enjoy reading about The Handcuff King – graphic novel about Harry. Houdini. Ahuva is still waiting.

And there my friends is the latest edition of Haveil Havalim, the peoples choice for the Jblogosphere. These are the posts that you sent in, that you wanted to read. Ok, some of you sent got confused with the date and sent me 5,767 posts to include so I had to do a little editing. But like they said in the Princess Bride mostly dead is partially alive.

Excuse the rambling as it is not quite 8 and I haven’t had coffee or my waffle breakfast, Jameel. Thanks again to the inimitable Soccer Dad for coming up with this. If you haven’t contacted him about hosting; You Must. Email him at dhgerstman at hotmail dot com. You may submit entries to Haveil Havalim using the submission form over at BlogCarnival.

That is it for now. Don’t forget to link to this on your own blog and remember to check back throughout the day to see the new updates.

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