Another Reason To Get Rid Of Cats

HAILEY, Idaho (AP) — A house cat attacked its owner, sending her to the hospital by ambulance with more than 20 bite wounds.

The cat, a black and white domestic male, went on the rampage Wednesday when a neighbor showed up at the door with a different cat, mistakenly thinking it belonged to the woman.

“She went to the door, and her cat went berserk,” Jeff Nevins, assistant fire chief for Wood River Fire and Rescue, told the Idaho Mountain Express.

The woman in her 60s was taken to St. Luke’s Wood River Medical Center with what Nevins described as “pretty serious puncture wounds.” Neither the hospital nor the fire department would provide any details to The Associated Press on Saturday, or say whether she has been released.”

Feh to cats. If I never saw another I wouldn’t notice.

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  1. Jack's Shack says


    Could be.


    Defending cats? Say it is not so.

  2. In defense of cats everywhere, let’s just say they are extremely jealous of their owner’s affections. Though, I’ve never had one attack me like that.

    Maybe something in the water in Idaho?

  3. If I never saw Idaho again, I wouldn’t notice.

    Maybe that’s where they should ship all the cats…

  4. Jack's Shack says


    That cat was pretty darn mean.


    Smart lady. 🙂


    Feh again to cats. BTW, I have blogged about them on a number of occasions.

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  5. You troll! 😉

  6. The Babka Nosher says

    In my non-blog life, I always have a signature line on my email… my favorite was the following:

    Ask me about microwaving cats for fun and profit!

    So now you know how I feel about cats. I guess you could say the cat is out of the bag (wait for groans).

  7. Irina Tsukerman says

    That’s just mean. : (

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