Jack’s Recipe For Fun

Dear Reader,

If you ask those who know me best they will all tell you that I am a connoisseur of fun. Wherever I go I can come up with a surefire way to beat boredom. I have all sorts of nifty tricks. If you really want to chuckle join me in a toy store.

But for those of you are who not lucky enough to spend time in person with me I’d like to share this recipe for fun. It is a personal favorite which is why I have been doing it all week long. Are you ready for this?

Jack’s Recipe For Success:

Take several small children and give them the stomach flu. Make sure that they are tired, cranky and able to spew out strange smelling liquids all over your home. When you are covered in said strange smelling liquids remember to laugh out loud because not everyone is fortunate enough to wear their toys like you do.

That is pretty much it. The rest is up to you.

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  1. Jack's Shack says


    Thank you.


    Just wait until I take you to a toy store. You’ll laugh so hard you’ll cry.


    It seems like that. Sick kids who like to fork. It is great. 😉

  2. Hope your crew feels better soon! Ours is mercifully on the mend….

  3. Hey Jack! It is like you were rolling tape from Chez Bogner today! Oddly enough though… it sure didn’t feel like fun! 😛

  4. The Babka Nosher says

    Please don’t be offended if I look elsewhere for advice on fun.

    I hope your kids feel better soon!

  5. A Simple Jew says

    Great post, Jack! Refuah shleima to your children.

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