Whose Reality Is it Anyway

An acquaintance and I had a discussion about our personal philosophies. We have a difference of opinion about how to go through life. This person offers a view that goes something like this:

“I expect the worst from people and when they do better I am pleasantly surprised.”

My view is a little bit more optimistic. I don’t spend much time considering what people are going to do because I am working on my own plan. My life works because I make it work, not because I am surprised or disappointed by others. Pleasant and unpleasant surprises are just part of life. It really depends on your response.

That leads to the next disagreement. I said that I don’t want negative energy around me. I don’t need it. This other person says that they don’t believe in any of that and accuses me of wanting to live in my own reality.

Well isn’t that what people do. Don’t we all live in our own reality. Don’t we all have our views on life and how the world operates. Don’t tell me that I live in my own reality as if I am out of touch when you are doing the same thing.

As I explained to them, if someone starts a conversation by expressing their concerns about various issues there are multiple ways to respond. If you choose to respond in a fashion that you know irritates them you are spreading negative energy. It is not helpful. It doesn’t help them to change the situation. All it does is irritate them. There is enough nonsense in the world without adding to it.

My philosophy works for me. If a negative approach to the world works for others I haven’t any problem with it as long as they don’t try to drag me down with them.

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  1. Richmond March 21, 2007 at 11:25 pm

    I admit it – I’m an optimist.
    🙂 And I like it that way…

  2. Paula March 21, 2007 at 4:36 pm

    For sure we all live in our own realities. We also choose how to respond to things, and no matter how great we believe our way to be, someone else will have a different idea. I don’t always mind “negative energy” – sometimes it’s motivating and helps move me forward to a new place.

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