The Telephone Bill

Sometimes I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to come up with a clever title for my posts. It seems rather silly to spend more time coming up with the headline than I do on writing the posts but sometimes that is just how it goes.

I have always said that I write for myself but maybe I am lying. Maybe the time I spend trying to come up with a better headline is indicative of a latent desire to expand my readership. If you don’t have a good headline no one bothers to read what you have written. On the other hand if you fail to provide good content you’ll never retain the readers either. Go figure.

AT&T just reached into my pocket and took out another chunk of cash. That is not really a fair description. It is not like they didn’t provide a service. They did. Dear old Ma Bell is there to see that I have both internet service and a land line to use but it is getting harder to justify paying her.

I use my cellphone far more than I use the land line. And I have noticed that as time goes on I use it less and less. Really the only reason that I have kept it is for emergency use. Every time I read about an emergency I hear that the cell phone lines are jammed so I figured that it couldn’t hurt to have another option.

And with that I have another post to write.

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