Define Yourself- I Am More Jewish Than You

I have a couple ideas for posts percolating around my skull. They are only partially formed so I am not going to give them the chance to see the light of day just yet. But I’ll provide sort of a short preview.

Amishav’s post here provides some of the impetus for one of them. It ties into a post I wrote a couple of years ago called Orthodox Versus Jewry- Or My Blood is More Jewish.

What I want to do is spend a little more time thinking about this and then I’ll put together a new post about it. The purpose of taking more time is twofold.

1) I want to think about this a little bit more and see if I can provide more clarity for myself. I want to decide if I still feel the same way or if my views have changed.

2) I don’t have enough time to do a proper job of writing this post.

More later.

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