PSA- Beis-melech Ha Wafleem!

Ladies and gentlemen we have good news. Back of The Hill is going to serve a key role at Jameel’s Waffle House. Here is the money quote:

Dude, what you really need for the waffle-house is someone who is equidistant between a Belgian and a Jew. Someone who can swim semi-comfortably among both types of fish.
I know of only one such.

Yes! What a bargain! What a deal! The Back of the Hill is ‘volunteering’ for occasional oversight duty at Beis-melech Ha Wafleem!
Don’t know when or if I’ll ever get there, but the idea of a waffle-hut in the Shomron appeals immensely.

Now, make that waffle palace happen. Open up a big mega-wide trailer near a main road, with a multi-burner range and several waffle-irons. Long live the Belgian comestible revolution!”

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