This is Not a Spam Blog

Approximately two weeks ago I noticed a new setting in blogger. Each time I create a new post I have to utilize the word verification setting prior to posting. The first time it happened I was mildly irked, but I figured that it was to prevent spam blogs so I just shrugged my shoulders and went with it.

Anyhoo, this morning I finally decided to see if there is a way to remove the setting. Apparently this requires asking someone from Blogger to do a visual inspection of the blog to confirm that it is not a spam blog. Once they do that they will remove the setting.

That is all fine and good until I go off on another blogging tear at which point I am sure they will reinstate it and we’ll go through the whole process again.

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  1. Stephen May 18, 2007 at 3:48 pm

    You deliver too much of a good thing — that’s what got you into trouble. It’s nicer than saying, you write like a robot.

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