This is Not a Spam Blog

Approximately two weeks ago I noticed a new setting in blogger. Each time I create a new post I have to utilize the word verification setting prior to posting. The first time it happened I was mildly irked, but I figured that it was to prevent spam blogs so I just shrugged my shoulders and went with it.

Anyhoo, this morning I finally decided to see if there is a way to remove the setting. Apparently this requires asking someone from Blogger to do a visual inspection of the blog to confirm that it is not a spam blog. Once they do that they will remove the setting.

That is all fine and good until I go off on another blogging tear at which point I am sure they will reinstate it and we’ll go through the whole process again.

A Quick Comment about Labels

One of the reasons that I switched to the new blogger is that I very much wanted to be able to use labels. I have long wanted to have some sort of categorization of my posts. I like being able to refer back to older posts and the labels make it much easier to filter and sort.

Of course it is still a major pain-in-the-ass to try and go back and label all of my old crap, but what can you do.

Also, I have found that I am not really sure how to label some posts. Random Thoughts is designed to be a bit of a catchall, but at the same time I would like to try and be specific. Again I will be sure to keep you posted.

Blogger Beta- Part Deux

In between comforting the beautiful 2.5 year old girl in my arms I have been trying to take advantage of the quiet to do some more blog work. In doing so I noticed that when I migrated from old Blogger to the new one some of the comments were affected.

Specifically it seems to have knocked out the names of some commenters and made them anonymous. I can’t tell you why, just that it happened.

Also, I seem to have screwed up some of the labels. What that means is that some of my posts have an inaccurate label on them. It is kind of irritating, but there are worse things.

I’ll keep you posted as things go along.