Field Test: GPS phones for kids

Want to know where your children are at. Try this:

No. No. No. You have told your tween a thousand times. You will not allow him or her to have a cell phone. Your mobile bills are high enough without adding $200 a month to let her text her friends all weekend about “Shear Genius.”But wait. Would you reconsider if the phone not only let you speak to your wandering offspring at will but also told you exactly where they were at any moment? The power to do that is at hand. All it takes is the right GPS-enabled phones and the right service plan.

Already every Disney Mobile phone is equipped to be used as a tracking device, as are most of the handsets offered by Verizon Wireless and Sprint.

The kid-finding phones on the market today plot your child’s whereabouts on a map on your phone’s screen or on your computer, offering up city, street name and sometimes landmarks such as an airport or a mall. GPS is typically accurate to within a few yards, whether your kid is at the end of the block or running away to New York City.

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