The Sopranos Finale- "Journey" Gets a Boost

A CNN report said that Journey has received a big boost from The Sopranos Finale. When Tony flipped on “Don’t Stop Believin” he exposed the band to all sorts of potential new listeners. Of course it also helped take a few of us back in time.

Journey released the song in 1981, and it reached No. 9 on the singles chart. It has taken a life of its own since then, often reflecting the attitude people had toward Journey itself. “Don’t Stop Believin”‘ brings back fond memories for many, is unbearably cheesy for others.

Somewhere in the archives there is a post about Journey and some other old bands from our past. As I recall it generated a fair amount of interest, but since I am far too tired to find it I may have to recreate it.

In the interim I’ll leave you with a link to an older post in which there is a karaoke version of “Don’t Stop Believin.”

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