The Sopranos Finale- "Journey" Gets a Boost

A CNN report said that Journey has received a big boost from The Sopranos Finale. When Tony flipped on “Don’t Stop Believin” he exposed the band to all sorts of potential new listeners. Of course it also helped take a few of us back in time.

Journey released the song in 1981, and it reached No. 9 on the singles chart. It has taken a life of its own since then, often reflecting the attitude people had toward Journey itself. “Don’t Stop Believin”‘ brings back fond memories for many, is unbearably cheesy for others.

Somewhere in the archives there is a post about Journey and some other old bands from our past. As I recall it generated a fair amount of interest, but since I am far too tired to find it I may have to recreate it.

In the interim I’ll leave you with a link to an older post in which there is a karaoke version of “Don’t Stop Believin.”

Meaning Of The Sopranos Finale- Say Goodbye To The Family

Earlier this week I offered a few comments about the upcoming finale of The Sopranos. Well, the day has come and the moment has passed. So here are a few thoughts about it.

I didn’t really expect to look at this and find great meaning in it. No symbolism, no foreshadowing or regrets. Just another episode and that is what we got. Sure, I expected to see Phil get whacked and that there would likely be some kind of bloodbath. That was a little bit off of the mark.

But the more I think about the show the more I realize that this really was true to form. Chase hasn’t struck me as being a sentimental guy, at least not where the show is concerned. The characters are who they are. There may be some growth and some evolution, but the core stays the same.

I am sure that some people found this to be less than satisfying, but for me it is fine. Maybe if we had some more consistency between seasons I might feel differently, but I just don’t. In fact I kind of appreciate the loose ends. It feels…right.

The Sopranos Finale

In just a short time The Sopranos Finale will have come and gone but I suspect that it will leave us with a bunch of questions. In case you are curious, this is not going to be a long analysis of the show and what I think is going to happen. It is just a two minute ramble down Soprano lane and now for a few thoughts.

I am one of those diehards who has been watching the show since the beginning. At that time HBO had a bunch of series that I really enjoyed, including Oz and Arliss. I even admit to having watched Sex In The City, but only because I am hiding behind this computer screen.

Oz was great. I miss that show, but this post is about The Sopranos.

I still want to know what happened to the Russian guy that Paulie and Christopher were chasing in season three. The last we saw he was running through the snow. That was one of the better episodes from an inconsistent season.

Inconsistency is a theme of The Sopranos. There have been some outstanding episodes, just brilliant and there have been some that fell flat. IMO part of the problem came from the long periods of time in between seasons. All that momentum that had been gained was lost.

Here is my prediction for the finale. Tony is not going to get whacked and I don’t really expect to see Paulie get whacked either. I think that Phil goes down hard.

I don’t expect that we are going to see anything that tries to redeem Tony. There aren’t going to be any major changes in which you see him turn over a new leaf. Instead we will see a continuation of a complex character. There will be the combination of the loving father and mob boss. We’ll see more of the insecurities and the sociopathic qualities.

I am curious to see if they do any sort of flashback or montage about some of the past characters like Adriana and Big Pussy.

And there you have it a few thoughts about The Sopranos. I may add to this later, or maybe not.