The iPhone

Earlier this week Robert wrote a nice tribute to the iPhone. I am a gadget guy. If it beeps and whistles and does all sorts of other cool things there is a good chance that it will catch my eye. So it is not going to surprise anyone who knows me to hear that the phone caught my eye.

However paying tuition for my children’s education has a much firmer hold upon my wallet so it was a virtual lock to say that I would not buy the phone any time soon. Even more so because I don’t want to use AT&T as my provider. Been there, done that and could write the book about why it was unpleasant.

In spite of all these things I had to check out the phone. I needed to take a gander at it and see if the phone was worth the hype. My answer is that I think that it is. Now, I haven’t had the opportunity to conduct any sort of call with it. I can’t tell you whether it meets the prime directive. My cell phone is a critical business tool. I cannot afford to use one that has communication issues so we’ll have to wait and see what we hear about that.

However, I can see unequivocally that the screen on the iPhone makes my Treo jealous. The fact that it also works as an iPod is more than a nice bonus. As a matter of fact I’d be afraid to leave my Treo anywhere near an iPhone as I suspect that it might get ugly.

Long story short, I want one.

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  1. orieyenta July 2, 2007 at 5:35 pm

    i WANT one. And so does Little Orieyenta since her current cell phone doesn’t play music. Oy! (A $500 phone for an 8-year old? I think not.)

    I’ve resisted buying it all day…I’m not sure how much longer i will be able to resist.

    (i can hear Robert’s stock going up as i type.)

  2. Jack's Shack July 1, 2007 at 7:26 am

    I imagine that will change in the not so distant future.

  3. ~ Sarah ~ July 1, 2007 at 4:54 am

    iPhone would be nice to have but it won’t exactly work here 🙁 and to get it to work would cost a small fortune. Such a shame. It’d go so nicely with all the other mac things in our house…

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