Blood and Bagels Do Not Mix

Remind me to be more careful cutting my bagel because blood and bagels do not mix. On a side note may I add that I continue to be dismayed by the horrific bagels that some people have concocted.

It is too upsetting to list them here, but suffice it to say that some of you use mayonnaise on your pastrami.

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  1. fashionista cat in a zero gravity shoe-store says

    Jack, what would Sigmund Freud say? 😉

  2. Jack's Shack says


    I like slicing bagels with my knife. There is something satisfying about that.


    There are good bagels in LA,plenty of them.

  3. The nearer you are to New York City, the better the bagels.

  4. fashionista cat in a zero gravity shoe-store says

    Sorry to spill this, but bagels originally were developed in southern Germany / Austria (the original word ‘beugel’ refers to the stirrups of the cavalry) and were then adopted by Jews living there, that liked them so much that they kept baking them – and also took bagels with them in exile. Today’s American bagels are not sooo much like those bagels of old days anymore as they typically get softened for American consumers (hence the eggs in the dough). There actually are people who have done research on bagels and have written books or chapters of books about their research. (There’s a plethora of books on where and when certain food items were adopted by Jewish people; maybe I’ll devote a post to that someday.)
    “Pizza” was derived from “pita” though, both ethymologically and technically. (Now, that should make you puff out your chests.)

    Jack, if you eat a lot of bagels, I suggest you get a professional bagel slicer as they are used in catering: insert the bagel, push the slide, and tadaaaa: perfectly cut it is.

  5. Jack's Shack says


    It is a knife that wants to be fleishig. It is the second time this thing has gone after me.


    I have heard that.


    Muffins with a hole sounds much better.

  6. The Babka Nosher says

    My hubby used to order chocolate chip bagels – aka muffins with a hole. That’s what happens when you grow up goyishe in the south.

  7. Panera has some particularly distressing bagel combinations.

  8. Were you at least using a fleishig knife?

    You’re right; the goyim shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a bagel…

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