Civility and Logic In The Blogosphere

One of the ongoing discussions within the blogosphere is about civil discourse. It is a topic that you will see discussed time and time again. The premise of the posts is that there is a lack of civility within the blogosphere and society in general.

There is some truth in that belief. There are many blogs in which the discussion quickly deteriorates into name calling. Some people find that anonymity gives them freedom to say things that they would never dare say in person. It is troublesome and problematic.

Yet there are many blogs in which the conversation rarely if ever goes down that path. They manage to take sensitive issues and have a real dialogue. There have been more than a few of those here. There have also been a number of heated disagreements. I won’t claim to always be calm. I won’t claim that I have never crossed the line. I have and I will again. That doesn’t mean that I won’t try to avoid it, but I am not naive enough to believe that I won’t occasionally jump into the mud.

I don’t ask everyone to agree with me, although that would make the world a nicer place to live. However, if you come banging on my doorstop you better have a little fact to support your allegations or you risk having your nose rubbed in your inadequacies.

Perhaps we’ll discuss this in more detail later on.

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