Football Saves Lives

This morning I am not inclined to spend a ton of time rehashing everything I felt or saw on 9/11. There are plenty of others who are doing so, many far better than I can. However there is one thought/memory that I want to share with you.

About eight or nine months after 9/11 I had to fly out to New York for a business meeting. It was my first trip out there since the loss of the towers and it is one that I’ll remember for a whole variety of reasons. I suppose that one of the primary ones was the proliferation of the missing person flyers.

It seemed that everywhere I looked there were hundreds of flyers asking for help in locating missing people. I looked at quite a few of them and wondered if the faces I saw on them were of survivors or victims and thought about just how many lives had been changed forever.

During a business meeting I listened to my clients share their stories about what had happened to them and people they knew on that day. At one point one of them shrugged and said something to effect of “football saves lives.”

He went on to explain how many people had stayed up late watching the Giants game on Monday Night Football and as a result had decided to go in late to work thereby saving their lives.

It is one of the many stories that you’ll hear people share about how little quirks of fate can change your life.

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