The Blogger I Used To Be

Sometimes I miss the blogger that I used to be and the blogosphere I used to be a part of. I miss the innocence and freedom. I miss just rambling on about my thoughts without a care. Now I second guess myself. I wonder when the words will be thrown in my face and used to try and hurt me.

I miss feeling like a part of a small community in which everyone looked out for each other.

Maybe this is all nonsense. Maybe these are silly complaints. I seem to make them every six months or so. Maybe I just don’t like change. Maybe I am going about nothing and then again maybe not.

Isn’t there a place to lament the loss of innocence. Don’t we try hard to maintain our children’s innocence. Don’t we work hard to protect them. We want them to see the snow right after it has fallen in all of its pristine glory. No slush for their eyes.

We encourage them to run and be free. We tell them to make their mistakes and not to worry about it because that is how we learn.

Am I crazy to say that I miss that. Am I a baby for wanting to go back in time. Maybe. Perhaps. Could be. In the end it doesn’t matter.

Forward. Always forward. Progress must be made. I know this. I understand this and in truth I want this too.

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