The Importance of Reading

One of my fans left a few choice words for me on this post.

You are such a maudlin and spineless excuse for a man, Jack. Grow a set of balls and get over it! You’re a disgrace to the gender.


If you can’t deal, take the noble way out and jump in front of a train or something. Jesus.

Dear Big Shot,

You lifted that verbatim from the Insults for Dummies guidebook. I understand why, because had you bothered to read you would have seen that you tried to insult me over a work of fiction. That post is part of a story I am writing.

Not to mention that you must feel exceptionally powerful laying out such a strong insult from behind that computer screen ANONYMOUS.

Or maybe I should say, not so anonymous Mr. I left my IP address and all sorts of other crap lying around.

Ok, play time is over. Time to go back to work.

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