Guiness Book Of World Records

One day you might find me in there for something. I don’t know what, but I have always played around with doing something that would get me into the book at least once.

LONDON (Reuters) – Australian John Allwood smashed 40 watermelons with his head in just one minute.

Using only one hand, Germany‘s Thomas Vogel unfastened 56 bras in 60 seconds.

When it comes to the world’s weirdest achievers, nothing beats the ultimate accolade — a place in Guinness World Records for demonstrating bizarre skills.

Nothing is too wacky.

Can you catch 77 grapes in your mouth in under a minute, keep nine yo-yo’s spinning at the same time, hold your breath for more than 14 minutes or throw a washing machine?

Then Guinness has a spot for you.

The annual compendium, whose latest edition is published on Friday, even has a section entitled Trivial Pursuits.

Few would argue with the title as Guinness lists the globe’s finest practitioners at putting the cover on a duvet, kicking yourself in the head and throwing paper aircraft into a bucket.

Italian Michele Santana wins an entry for typing 57 books backwards.

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