California is Burning

Earlier today I stumbled onto a blog that gleefully announced that Hollywood is burning down. The vapid knucklehead must not read the news or have looked at a map because thus far Hollywood is far removed from the flames.

But for me the fires are never far from my mind. I have friends and family members whose homes are in danger. But even if I did it the smoke filled sky is a reminder that a relatively short distance away there are people losing everything.

Mother Nature has a way of humbling us, reminding us that we are not so big that we cannot be brought low.

My children and I have had more than one discussion about the fires. They are close enough that the schools are not allowing the children to play outdoors as the air quality is not good. Soccer practices were canceled too.

Outside of my home I can see a red glow. It is a reminder of my own experience. I was evacuated from a forest fire in 1985. Somewhere in the blog there is a post about it, but I don’t feel like searching for it.

As I look through the rooms in my house I can see all sorts of family treasures. There are heirlooms that have been passed down and things that may one day become heirlooms. I look at the pictures of my children. I look at the pictures of family members that are gone. I look at pictures of my life and I wonder how painful it must be to lose it all.

There are things that you can replace. And certainly one should always be grateful for their health and safety, but then again there are those items that you can never get back.

My heart goes out to those people. My thanks to the brave fire fighters who fight to save lives and property not their own.

If ever there was a time I’d pray for rain or do a rain dance now would be the time.

California is burning.

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