The Demise Of The Bagel Nosh

I am nothing if not a creature of habit, especially when it comes to restaurants. While I love trying new places to eat I tend to hit my hot spots with much greater regularity than the new places. Although I suppose it is fair to add that if my bank account were a little more flush I’d have less trouble trying the new joints.

The issue is that when cash is tight it is harder to try something new. I love to eat and the disappointment of a bad meal irks me, especially when it is not a free meal. It is one thing to try a new recipe and decide that you don’t like it, quite another to pay for it.

Earlier this week I hit a place that I have been going to for at least 30 years, The Bagel Nosh. Ok, excuse me, it hasn’t been called The Bagel Nosh in a while. A while back the owners changed the name and then they went and sold the place. Somewhere between the name change and the sale things started to go downhill.

It is more than a little disappointing. It is not just the sentimental value of the place, but it has that. I can tell more than one story about it. As a matter of fact it was where I spent more than one morning period my senior year of high school. I missed all sorts of time in Accounting, but still managed to get an ‘A.’ Go figure.

Anyhoo, the place has meaning for me, but it also used to be a decent place to eat. It is not that the food was stellar, but they had a few things I really liked. Mostly I enjoyed the bagels. They made them differently than most places in the Valley. They had this doughy consistency that I loved.

Those bagels kept me coming in. Even when the service went to hell and the interior began to cry out for some sort of update I still went once a month to grab a bagel. Now I am not sure that I can do that any longer.

The new owners have messed with the recipe. I don’t quite know what they did, but they messed with something that wasn’t broken. I suppose that I should try it again. It might have been a bad batch. There could be a perfectly good explanation for the bagels, but I don’t really want to try again.

It is like a bad relationship. For a while you keep making excuses why you should keep it going and then one day it just hits you and you know that it is done.

It is over. A 30 year love affair has gone stale. I am sorry Bagel Nosh but if I am to honor the memory of the good times I have to let you go. There is no shmearing words. We’re toast.

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