The Post I Wanted to Nuke

I don’t like the text below. I had considered nuking it, but promised someone that I’d let it sit. More on this in the post that follows.

When I am upset I have two primary resources that I use to vent, blogging and basketball. In general I find it to be a good combination. Blogging provides an easy way for me to express my thoughts and feelings. It is a relatively safe way to give air to my frustration and ease any distress I feel.

At the same time I also require a physical outlet. I have all sorts of energy and if I don’t exercise I find myself going a little crazy. When I work it is not unusual to find me pacing back and forth in front of my desk. That Energizer Bunny doesn’t have anything on me.

Lately I have been off my game. The blogging has slowed down and I have found myself with less desire to do it. It is kind of a strange place for me because in almost four years of blogging I don’t remember feeling like this. But the truth is that sometimes I think that I am ready to hang it all up and walk away, or at least that is how I had felt until today.

I am not sure what changed, but today I kind of feel like I turned a corner. I don’t know that things are really that different. The stress and challenges are still there. In fact I’d say that if anything the stress and pressure has increased. The things that bother me have taken on a bigger presence and it has become more evident that things are going to be rough for a longer period of time than I had thought.

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  1. Jack's Shack November 6, 2007 at 5:44 am

    You need to find yourself a muse.

    Actually that is not so much the problem. I need to find a way to alleviate stress and then the words will flow again.

    so if you stop, you’ll eventually find something you want to blog about, and you will end up starting again.

    That is probably true.

  2. The Misanthrope November 5, 2007 at 5:05 pm

    If you stop blogging I won’t be far behind. Every day I feel like stopping, but every post I write generally inspires one more. But, I figure if Jack can write and produce three times the number of posts I put up, I should be able to do it once a day.

    It is indeed very time consuming, but the way you read the newspaper is geared toward looking for something to blog about, at least it with me, so if you stop, you’ll eventually find something you want to blog about, and you will end up starting again.

  3. orieyenta November 5, 2007 at 3:09 pm

    Lately I have been off my game.

    You need to find yourself a muse. Maybe I could lend LO to you. Or maybe we could just send your little one a suitcase full of makeup. 😉

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