Guns- Heroes Are Made Not Born

Just a few minutes to throw up a quick post. Within this past week we have seen several incidents in public places in which innocent people have lost their lives to rampaging gunmen. Sadly these are not the first time we have witnessed such tragedies and nor will they be the last.

The usual responses are being floated around. Some people want to ban guns and others are advocating that more people be allowed to carry them. I am troubled by the black and white response. I don’t know if it is just because these are knee jerk responses or what, but there is a middle ground here.

I don’t claim to have the answer. This is just old Jack composing on the fly. No editing, no careful consideration so take it for what is is worth.

I am in favor of gun ownership and gun control. There is no reason why people shouldn’t be allowed to own guns, but then again I don’t see a reason why they should have military grade weaponry around their homes either.

The old line that heroes are made. not born is one that has a lot of truth in it. You don’t know what you’ll do in a particular situation until you are in it. You can be trained for all sorts of situations, but you can’t always guarantee that you will respond in the appropriate manner.

We can speculate for hours as to what would have happened at VA Tech, Columbine or the Mall in Omaha if someone would have had a gun. Maybe they would have stopped them. Maybe lives would have been saved. It is a real possibility.

The security guard in Colorado is a former cop. To me that makes her different than the random citizen who might be carrying a weapon.

Speaking of that, I get antsy when people start talking about how G-d was on their side. It just bothers me that some people start saying they acted a certain way because G-d told them to. Too many times we see people who are diametrically opposed ideologically claim that G-d is on their side.

Must make for an awkward situation at parties.

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