Blogging For Dollars

A while back the Shmata Queen asked me if I had ever considered a career as a professional writer. Now mind you, the Queen never asks just one question at a time. She is a one woman interrogation squad who can fire off 1,298,098 questions off of a single breath.

I have learned through trial and tribulation to always carry chocolate with me. As soon as the first barrage hits I toss her the bar and for a couple of moments I am free to speak without interruption.

Anyway, as I told the queen I’d love to make enough money to support a family by blogging, or at least make enough to provide a nice supplemental income. The question has always been how to make this happen. There are various companies out there that are searching for bloggers to work for them. Most of the time they are interested in people who are experts in a particular field.

I am an expert in a number of areas. The problem is that these areas are already being covered by other bloggers or they haven’t any interest in paying for information about my areas of expertise. There is not a whole lot that can be done about that, aside from using “da Godfather” technique of leaving a horse’s head in their bed. Do you know what kind of heat you get from PETA for killing horses. It is unreal. Besides, there is nothing worse than the lecture I get when I come home covered in blood and smelling like a stable.

So what is a blogger to do when he/she can’t find an employer to pay them to blog? The answer just might be to Bleg.

A blog where one asks for donations; a cross between blog and beg.

The confession of the evening is that I have considered blegging…many times. Want to know why? Good, I am glad that you asked, although in truth it is probably not that interesting.

As the 17 longtime readers know I am a very curious man who likes to push the limits. Sometimes I am curious to see what would happen if I asked people for money. I wonder how much I could generate. I have all sorts of smartass ideas that I would use of it. Maybe I wouldn’t get any, or maybe I would get quite a bit.

What would happen if I could convince everyone who comes through to donate a quarter a day. I just might earn enough to pay for the good people of cleveland to get out and move somewhere decent.

Who knows.

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  1. January 24, 2008 at 5:05 am

    Hey jack can you change your blogroll to include my updated blog

  2. orieyenta January 24, 2008 at 2:08 am

    Hey if Dooce can do it – so can you 🙂

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