Blog Envy Revisited- Sort Of

Blog Envy. It is one of those posts that I rely upon for inspiration. At first glance it appears to be pretty superficial. Just a few ‘graphs about something frivolous. Why should I or anyone be envious of another person’s blog. That is a rhetorical question, ignore it.

Want to know which bloggers I envy? It is simple. I envy those who can make enough money by blogging to support their families. I very much enjoy this. I could see myself being a full time blogger.

But the truth is that if I have any sort of envy it is usually my desire to write as well as some of the other writers out there. I have an ego. I don’t think that I am a complete hack. I have my moments. There are some posts that I am very proud of. There are posts in which I feel like I have accomplished everything I set out to do.

I don’t discard very many posts. Most of the time whatever I start to compose makes it to the screen. If your blogs serves as a daily journal, a record of your life then this is not a bad way to go. It makes it easy to see what my life was like at various points in the past.

If the goal is to try and use your blog to land a writing gig then doing it this way may not be such a smart thing. Imagine that you are interested in hiring a professional photographer and that when you sit down to review his portfolio you come across pictures that are out of focus or off center. Those types of things are probably going to have a negative impact upon your opinion of him.

I should spend more time reviewing and rewriting my posts. I should spend more time weeding out the crap. But then again if I did everything that I should do I’d be a different sort of man.

Truth is that I use these sorts of posts as a notepad. They’re more of a tool to use to clean out the cobwebs and consider ideas for new posts.

Perhaps I’ll share more about this later.

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  1. Jack February 6, 2008 at 4:50 am

    The fiction is a hell of a lot of fun to write.

  2. Michael February 4, 2008 at 12:02 pm

    Hey Jack. I write blogs professionally (and anonymously). It’s not all it’s cracked up to be, and there’s really not a lot of money in it (but it is a nice supplement).

    The personal blog is more just a soapbox. We all need one. Maybe I’ll take a cue from you, and start dusting off some fiction I’ve been working on.

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