Another Election is Coming

Been listening to the news reports about Super Tuesday. Breathless reporters calling out the latest numbers. Stories about which candidate did this and who said what. After a while it is just so much background noise, meaningless chatter. Broken promises to be and whispers of what might have been.

That is more or less how I remember the last couple of elections. A lot of people making noise about what the future could, should or will be. So here I sit at the computer trying to make sense of it all. Who do I believe. What is real and what is not.

Here I sit at the computer looking at the propositions I voted for and wondering if they really mean what I think they do. I won’t claim to be a genius. I won’t ever say that I am the smartest person around, but then again I am not stupid.

But the propositions are intentionally written in a manner that is confusing and garbled. They don’t want you to understand. They just want you to vote yes and move on.

I want to believe that people run for office because of altruistic beliefs. I want to believe that ego is not part of it, that power holds no interest. But I just can’t bring myself to accept that. So instead I hope that it is a combination of things.

If my candidate doesn’t get elected I’ll support whomever does because in the end what they do impacts us all. I just hope that they manage to find a way to improve things because there is a lot of work to be done.

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  1. Z February 6, 2008 at 3:19 pm

    It’s kind of depressing knowing our primary isn’t until April and by then, it could very well be decided. I think if they throw their hat in, they should have to stick it out.

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