Facebook and My Anonymity

Last August I wrote a post called Facebook Reveals Secrets in which I expressed surprise over how some people blog anonymously yet use their real names on Facebook. It just seems a bit contradictory. Why would you be anonymous in one place and not another.

Anyway, I still haven’t done much with my own Facebook entry and I can’t say that I intend to. I am still trying to maintain some anonymity, but it remains to be seen how much longer I can keep that up.

But what I really want to mention is that when I look at some bloggers Facebook sites I am shocked to see how many people we know in common. I suppose that I really shouldn’t be surprised by this. The Jewish community really isn’t that big and I have been involved in aspects of it all my life, but still…

Just for kicks I’ll give you a partial list of groups/organizations I have been involved with:

Camp Ramah in California
Camp Ramah in Canada
United Synagogue Youth
University of Judaism

Like I said, I look at some of your sites and I can’t help but think “worlds colliding.” If we spent just a couple of minutes on the telephone I am sure that we’d find that we know a dozen or more people, or that we have been to the same parties.

And now if you’ll excuse me I need to go referee a disagreement between my kids.

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