Life is Never Dull

If you are are a long time reader of the blog you’ll recall that four years ago I received the sort of call we all dread. It is the one in which you learn that a loved one is in dire straits. In this particular circumstance that call was about my father.

While visiting family back east he took ill and came very close to dying on several occasions. In fact, more than one doctor told me that he should have died. As you can imagine this sort of bedside manner leads to a relationship of love and trust between doctor and patient and doctor and patient’s family member.

Anyway, my father survived, proving that the male stock of our family have a long and proud tradition of doing what we want to do and not what everyone thinks we should. Go Dad! Ok, now that we got the background and big cheer let’s discuss the present.

This morning I receive a call in which I learn that my father has pneumonia and has been hospitalized. They think that he is ok, but given his history we have reason to be nervous. But since fate likes to play with my family the story doesn’t really end there.

You see my parents are enjoying a well deserved vacation in Israel, or at least until a number of hours ago they were. Today they made the unscheduled detour to the hospital where they received all the details about my father’s condition, including his need for hospitalization. They began their introduction to Israeli medicine by staring blankly at the Russian doctor who initially saw them. Try as they might they couldn’t figure out what he was saying. He was followed by the Israeli doctor who also attempted to communicate with them as well. His attempt was more successful, but not nearly enough to make them understand what was happening.

The third doc to come see them was originally from Australia. His ability to communicate with them was much better, in spite of his funny accent and love for that dull game that American’s call soccer. Did I mention that sometimes when I am stressed out I make silly remarks.

Anyhoo, there they were in the E.R. With the Aussie Doc when all of a sudden chaos introduced itself in the form of the terrorist attack in Jerusalem. No, the hospital wasn’t attacked, but it is where the victims were taken. And because the attack took place close to my parent’s hotel the roads were closed and my mother was told that unless she wanted to walk back to the hotel, she could also enjoy the view from my father’s hospital room in Israel.

On a serious note, it appears that my father is doing ok and that things will proceed in the right direction. However should his condition deteriorate there is a chance that I’ll make a dash for the holy land. It is certainly not how and why I want to make the trip, but we all do what we must. I’ll keep you posted as to what happens and to how many waffles Jameel brings us to eat.

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