Recent Posts & A Look Back

It has been a busy time here so for those of you who have taken a break or been unable to follow along here is roundup of recent posts:

Death By Blogging
R.I.P. Charlton Heston
Saturday Night Thoughts
Friday Music Continued
Friday’s Music Morning
You Can’t Fight Naked
How Long Do You Wait While on Hold
Sex takes 3 to 13 minutes, study says
Not Quite Goodbye- And Some other Thoughts

And now here are some posts from yesteryear that might be worth a second look:

Name Five Movies That You Can’t Stand
Jack And The Missionary
Jack And The Missionary Again
I Am Puzzled By Some Things
Why I Quit Blogging
My Wanderings
Taking Stock of Life- A General Accounting
Is Your Life What You Expected It To Be?

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