Thirty-Something Grandmothers

I cannot foresee this being anything other than foreshadowing an extremely serious problem. I take a very liberal position on a lot of social issues, but this is stupidity perpetuating stupidity.

There’s no argument that will make me believe that there is just one way to raise children, but children raising children is a formula that will fail.

“As a result of Britain’s high teenage pregnancy rate – the worst in Europe – many women are becoming accustomed to looking after their grandchildren while still in their thirties – and without any sign of a husband.

The new phenomenon raises questions about the social consequences of generations of children being brought up without fathers.

The majority of the women involved don’t regret having babies but some who became parents in their teens told a BBC documentary they wished they had done things differently.

Miss Bailee, whose daughter became pregnant at 15, and has an eight-month-old daughter, said: “I put Rickeita on the Pill as soon as she started her periods at 12 or 13.

“It wasn’t a case of giving her permission to sleep around but you can’t lock a young girl in her bedroom 24/7.

“When she became pregnant I was upset, because she’s very clever and I wanted her to go to college first and get a good job.

“I’d had her at 20 and it was hard. I had to buy everything second-hand or make clothes myself.”

Miss Bailee, who lives with her three children, in Harleston, Norfolk, added: “I’ve taken up kickboxing and go clubbing twice a month with friends. You used to think of a granny as being a frail old lady with a blue rinse but I prove that’s not the case any more.”

She is no longer with Rickeita’s father. And Rickeita split with her daughter’s father.”

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