A Few Notes and Some Music

I suppose that it is time to provide an update to Books I Want To Read- A Follow Up. Haven’t managed to read The Tipping Point yet. Been meaning to, but frankly I keep forgetting to pick up an edition.

Been waiting for a sequel to come out in the Fire and Ice series as well as the newest Thomas Covenant series too. Got all sorts of other books in the hopper as well. The only thing that I don’t have is enough time to read them.

Speaking of time it seems that all sorts of people I know are complaining that they don’t have any. It is a bit of a personal peeve of mine, this claim of no time. If someone is important you’ll find a way to communicate and if they aren’t well you’ll ignore them or give silly excuses as to why you can’t talk.

And now for a few songs from my iTunes:

Love, Reign O’er Me-The Who
Behind Blue Eyes– The Who
One Less Set Of Footsteps – Jim Croce

My friend from the Loveless Marriage post continues to flounder around. I understand and accept that this is her call, her decision. But I have to say that if you are married to a man who shows his devotion by calling you a word that rhymes with grunt, you have picked a real winner.

That is the type of guy who doesn’t deserve to be punched in the mouth. A guy like that gets slapped, back handed across the face. That probably doesn’t make sense to a lot of you, but where I come from it would be seen as an insult. And it is not the kind of insult that you just shrug off, at least not if you are a mensch and this man is not.

Some of you probably wonder why she married the guy. I haven’t the answer, haven’t really considered why she settled. It is not really my place to ask it any more than it would be to tell her that he has a forehead that you could show a double feature on. I don’t know, maybe she is into that sort of neanderthal kind of look.

I have to make a note not to show her this post. It is a bit unfair for me to write, but it comes from the right place.

Sometimes I wish that I had a crystal ball and that I could see the future. Sometimes I wish that I peel back the veil and see what is going to happen to me. Sometimes I wonder what period of time I want to see, how far ahead would I look.

Would it be months, years or decades. Maybe I’ll blog about this, but before I do I’ll share some more songs with you.

Don’t stop (thinking about tomorrow)
-Fleetwood Mac
Love Rollercoaster– Ohio Players
Hold On I’m Comin’-Sam & Dave

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