We Still Carry The Pain of Our Past Part II

Following the completion of the last post I had intended to go to sleep, but I had a thought that I had felt like sharing. One of the things that I like about blogging is that to a certain extent it levels the playing field of life.

Out here in cyberspace you are not judged upon your looks, who you know, where you went to school or any of the million little things people use to assess and categorize each other. That is not to say that we are freed from being evaluated, not at all.

But there is something nice about participating in something in which you know that some of the more superficial things are removed. The blog you are reading might be written by the stud, the loser, the Prom King, the nerd or that quiet neighbor no one knows.

Our here in cyberspace you get the chance to interact with everyone. Out here in cyberspace the pain of our past doesn’t have to haunt you as it does in the so called real world. No one knows if you stutter or smell.

All we know is what we read and the image that we compose of the author and I kind of like it. What do you think?

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