Living The Bachelor Life

Thanks to the joys of having to make a buck earlier this week the family left sans dad for a short vacation and so I have found myself in an empty house.

While it would be untrue to say that I don’t miss them, it is also true that I rather enjoy the break. For a brief moment in time I am revisiting the Jack of years past. Alone and apart I eat quiet meals without any concern about having to set an example.

No company, no reason to use real plates. Paper works just fine. No company, no reason for glasses. I can drink straight from the bottle and I do. In fact the kitchen has a display of the victims of a recent visit to Trader Joes and other guests.

Watching The Olympics is far more fun with pizza and beer. The newspaper is scattered in key places. I have watched movies that are inappropriate for children during hours that they would normally be awake.

Trips to the gym last longer. No reason to rush because my dinner companions me, myself and I don’t need to take a bath before bed. In fact they don’t need to eat at a particular hour. I revel in casting off some of the structure of daily life.

Let’s be clear about a few things. I still take out the trash, there may be an extra pile of things here and there, but it is not a complete mess. Each night I make a point of straightening up a bit, but without the children I can let things slide a bit.

For a short while I mull over taking my own road trip. It is crazy, but I haven’t dropped everything to drive out to Vegas in more than a decade. I can’t really do it now, or should I say that I shouldn’t do it now. But it is tempting.

My Camaro knew that road pretty well, I could almost put it on autopilot. The current steed has made the trip as well, but far less frequently. I have very few single friends now, but those that are will jump at the chance to go.

I don’t need much, a change of clothes and a toothbrush is about it. I am really tempted, but it would be hard to explain how I worked a partial day to go to Vegas instead of joining the family.

Hmmm….I wonder if I could schedule a meeting with a client or two. That could work and then again the whole plan might blow up in my face.

Excuse me while I go ponder this for a while.

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