Dear Tooth Fairy

Late last night the big guy lost another tooth, giving him a grin that makes him look a bit like Leon Spinks. So he followed the proper procedure for disposing of said teeth. He went to the kitchen and placed the tooth in a plastic bag and then placed it beneath his pillow.

Shortly thereafter the “tooth fairy” took the tooth and replaced it with a little cash.

In the morning he woke up and was pleased to discover that his personal fortune had grown. And then for reasons only understood by little boys he decided that he wants all of his teeth back. I asked him why and didn’t really get a response.

“Dad, we need to send a letter to the tooth fairy asking for my teeth back,” he said. A moment later he told me that he wasn’t entirely sure that the tooth fairy was real. “I think that it might be you or mom, but since I haven’t seen you do it I am not sure.

He then explained that he intends to skip school so that he can sleep all day. The goal is to be able to stay up all night so that he might confront the tooth fairy and force him/her to return his teeth.

I told him that school was far more important than finding the fairy, but he insisted otherwise. I suppose that we are going to find out whether this is really about the fairy and his “missing” teeth or just a ploy to avoid starting school again.

Time will tell.

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