A Blogging Milestone- Six Thousand Posts

A short while ago I penned the 6,000th post to grace this blog. Six thousand posts about anything and everything you can think of. When I clean out the closet I call my mind this is where the dust settles.

At one time or another my friends have heard me say that in the early ’90s my brain was replaced with a melon, and a soft one at that. This is the place where I prove/disprove the truth of that statement.

The Shack reflects some of the growth and changes in my life. It is a chronicle of things that happened in my world and around it. It offers a view as to some of my beliefs about the world. It is a glimpse of some of the things that interest me. A place I can visit and smile as I read about things that my children did.

Not unlike my life it is chock full of nuts. Some of the posts here are things that I am proud of and some of them make me cringe with embarrassment.

I learned a long time ago that I can’t predict how long I am going to keep blogging for. A while back I decided that I’d like to hit ten thousand posts. It was an abritrary decision. I like the number, sounds impressive, at least to me it does.

It took 4.5 years to hit six thousand posts. I can’t predict how long it will take to hit ten thousand, if I really will decide to hang up my keyboard or keep going.

All I can tell you is that as long as I continue to enjoy blogging and feel that I get something positive out of it I will keep doing it.

So to all of you who help haunt this joint, Thank you! I appreciate your reading this. And in spite of the Shmata Queen’s protestation, I would keep it up without you But it wouldn’t be the same.

So thank you again for your time. Just remember,I am Jack, you’re not. Be thankful for that.

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